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IIM - Indian Institutes of Management , Important Dates, AUG 5, 2020, Wednesday CAT 2020 Registration Starts at 10:00 AM SEP 16, 2020, Wednesday CAT 2020 Registration Ends at 5:00 PM OCT 28, 2020, Wednesday CAT 2020 Admit Card Download Begins at 10:00 PM NOV 29, 2020, Sunday CAT 2020 Test Day

Everything you need to know about CAT Exam 2020

If you are thinking about sitting for CAT Exam 2020, it is better to get your homework done right. Committing to a course like that can be long-lasting and it is very important for a person to get clarity to what they are getting into before going for a long term commitment. The most important thing to know about CAT is the pattern and the format it comes with. CAT is also referred to as the Common Admission Test. It is a computer-based aptitude test which is meant for admission that helps students in getting into some top business schools.

The CAT Exam is an online assessment exam which is 3 hours long. The students are tested:

  1. For Verbal knowledge - 34 questions
  2. Quantitative knowledge - 34 questions
  3. DI-LR Questions - 32 questions


Every correct answer will get the student 3 marks and an incorrect answer comes with a negation of 1 mark. This is how the total marks are calculated. The paper has a total of 100 questions with mostly MCQ’s. The non-MCQs vary every year and can be different for each year. The students are also given an online calculator which helps them in making calculations for the right answer.

It is very important to know everything about the CAT exam before you sit for it. Given below are some of the crucial points that one must know about CAT before proceeding it further.

  1. All Question for the CAT Exam are Application-Based

CAT Exam is known to test the aptitude of a person. The questions in the paper are computed in a way that it can grasp the skill sets of a person based on the different problems they face on a daily basis. This test is not about memorizing stuff but getting all the fundamental concepts right. How a person looks at a problem and handles a given situation is what matters the most and is calculated through the questions asked in the exam.

  1. Be Accurate

The level of your accuracy is directly proportional to your percentile. There are different examples of students who are trying to solve their questions while getting an error level of error. These students score lower than students who score lesser and have attempted fewer questions. So, the mantra is to go for questions that you are confident about. Keeping the guessing game at bay, it can directly end up harming your score.


  1. Be smart while choosing:

If you need to solve the questions that you know you can solve. The selectivity of questions is very important. Start by leaving out the questions that you know are not your forte. Do not take random questions to solve. The question with a wrong answer can affect the score of a person which further affects the overall percentile.


  1. Dynamic Scoring System:

CAT Exams are marked in a dynamic way. There are a lot of factors that affect the percentile of a student and the score related to each question is different for different sets of questions. Every incorrect question makes a deduction from your overall score so it is important to go for questions that you are confident about. 


  1. Do not skip your mock tests

Mock tests are half of what you will get in your final CAT paper. This test prepares a student for their future test and helps a student in analyzing their weak points which they can further work on. Once you are done with your preparation, all your time should go for Mock tests of all kinds. You can also get your hands on previous years CAT Questions papers which can give you an idea of how you are going to perform in your final CAT Exam.


  1. Work for Sectional Cut Offs

If you are aiming for IIMs, then you should work towards getting a sectional percentile cut-off. A 98 percentile can also end up not being qualified for IIM call. This happens if they are not able to quality sectional cut off. If you are aiming for an IIM, it's time to divide your focus equally on all the three sections, rather than collectively working on all of them.


If you are someone who is starting to invest your time in the CAT Exam, this is the way to go. Once you are aware of all the ground rules, start building the foundation.